Dress for success @joeclobber

If you are one of the few people who has been living in another world the last few years (one without Ryan Gosling) then you will not know about the need to dress for success, whether it be to influence that potential new employer, catch the eye of the ladies or just make that statement that says “I’m serious about style”.
With that in mind, these are my top tips for those that want to do one or more of the above.
1. “Shoes make (or break) the man”

I cannot stress enough how important your shoe choices are. This could be the defining moment for you. Ask your female friends what the first thing they look at when they meet a man after his face is. I can almost guarantee its the shoes. With that in mind, you should make an impact but mot too bold. Go for classic looks with a modern twist. For example – Suede monkstraps (Reiss have some lovely options, All Saints have a Joseph Cheaney collaboration, Russell & Bromley are a favourite), classic wing tips (Loakes are steady and affordable, Grenson are huge favourite of mine) and if you are feeling like making an impact, the slipper (Stubbs & Wootton and Del Toro are the creme de la creme). 

2. “Dress it up or dress it down”

It’s always a good idea to have an item of clothing that you can dress up or dress down, a wardrobe staple. My choice is the Bomber Jacket. The Bomber can be used to equal effect wearing a white tee and washed denim or by jazzing it up with smart trousers and accessorising. Fur or shearling are also a welcome addition to the Bomber if there are options for detachable collar. Affordable options are out there, try Reiss and All Saints again for reasonable price range but if you fancy splashing out I would highly recommend Burberry (I have one and it is beautiful).

3. “Accessorize”

Style is all about the small details. Anything that adds a touch of panache to an outfit will really make a difference to your overall look. Pocket squares are obviously playing a large part in the stylish businessman’s wardrobe as they have for many years but you can add to that with tie-pins, or a lapel pin or even a collar bar. When you are not dressing for the board room you can still make your mark with your watch or a cravat. I wouldn’t want to push anyone in the direction of particular brands as accessories are an individual thing but I would say when it comes to watches, buy from a watch maker, not a fashion house.

Affordable Brands:


All Saints




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