Rule breaking

I’m going to make some rules, then possibly break some rules here. In fact, let’s start as we mean to go on. Rule number 1. No socks with sandals. Anyone who’s anyone knows that the no socks and sandals rule goes way back to when this look was synonymous with scout leader chic. Well structured (mainly uncomfortable), leather-banded, Romanesque sandals should not be worn with socks. I can stand by this. But, and it’s a sizeable but, rubber sports slider style slip ons can be worn with suitable sports socks. Please see some examples below. Feel free to discuss.

Controversy number 2. No fully matching outfits. I’m not talking about “does this shirt work with this jacket” type matching, I’m talking about “is that a shirt? Is that a jacket? Is that a shirt/jacket combo?” type matching. It’s easier to show you an example. For me, this is the ultimate statement, it shows a comfort with your own sense of style that cannot be argued with.

This one has been a true bone of contention for as far back as the first Neanderthal wore her fur off the shoulder. Ready? Wait for it. Number 3. No double denim. Stop, before your mind runs away from you and you start your thoughts wandering towards images of country singers barn dancing in washed denim suits and neckerchiefs, I’m talking about modern denim usage. I’m talking about contrast here and proper use of selvedge denim or Japanese indigo with turn-ups you could carry your weekly shop in. 

See more examples. 

I think that’s enough from me for now. I will leave it with you to decide whether you play by your own rules.



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