There’s a war in the streets…

There is a shift in the acceptance of athleisure and streetwear in menswear. Collaborations between sportswear and fashion brands are commonplace and provide some real collectors items.
Here are some of my favourite designers in this exciting space
Patta – Dutch streetwear label that embraces the looks of the hip-hop scene the founders came from

Pigalle – Paris based, basketball the sport of choice, Nike a main collab partner

Supreme – famous images from Terry Richardson have propelled this Skater brand into the mainstream market. Fantastic collaborations with North Face and Stone Island stand out.

Stone Island – groundbreaking Italian brand with a unique proposition in that the material is the basis for the popularity of their products. Recent collaborations with Nike and Supreme have had collectors excited.

Maharishi – British brand which began with reengineered army surplus and literally went global

Common Projects – Luxury footwear that skirts both smart and casual with quality being their USP

Norse Projects – Danish brand born from functional Scandi workwear

Stussy – American surf wear brand that has been adopted by the hip-hop scene

Albam – Exciting British line that focuses on function, form and materials



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