Summer Footwear

Let’s look at your options based on the scenarios that you will face in the next 6 weeks (summer)

Work – Penny loafer, leather or suede. Black or brown. Cannot go wrong. Works sans socks if you are looking to show more ankle.
Match with: a sizeable turn up on high waisted trousers

Holiday – Belgian loafers with smart tailored shorts still gives a relaxed look without scrimping on classic style.
Match with: well tailored shorts and shirt with sleeves rolled and an extra button undone

Casual – Tasselled loafers work with denim fantastically well, try chocolate brown or court controversy with white suede
Match with: tapered denim and deconstructed work jacket, dress down with a white tee

To impress – Driving shoes are easy to dress up or down, Tods do a wonderful selection in both suede and leather.
Match with: smart shorts again, really let your imagination run riot with the colours, mustard yellow or Ferrari red

Functional – Boat shoes offer a comfortable and durable alternative for the unpredictable English summers.
Match with: chinos and short sleeved shirt with a merino v-neck over the shoulders for when the inevitable clouds come


2 thoughts on “Summer Footwear

    1. Is this the Matt Davies I think it is? If it is then you are already a style icon in my eyes! Wellies and pack a macs will be my next entry, like a day out at Alton Towers!


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