Dotcom Style

With the Y2K and the technology revolution came a new breed of millionaire and in turn with the rise in the number of Dotcom millionaires came a very new and distinctive trend in menswear especially in the professional environment.

Ties were the first formal staple to go, some even went as far as ceremonially cutting ties in shows of non compliance to old codes. 

Work environments in the big cities began to evolve the dress code to match the new breed of rainmakers, fortunes that had historically been earned in the time honoured traditions of banking and finance were now been acquired overnight by teenagers writing code in their parents garage and their image reflects that.

So, the first wave of “new money” wore a uniform the like that we had never seen before. It was half Ivy League, half “granddaddy chic”. There was often denim, t-shirt and a badly fitting suit jacket. 

Thankfully, that smart/casual style has met the old school suit halfway and the recent generation of innovators and big earners are smartening up their act with separates, shirts and (shock/horror) even the occasional tie…


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