Pitti Uomo

When you think of fashion you often think of the women’s runway shows where the elite fashionistas assemble to showcase their wares in the most creative format and the trendsetters, photographers, rich, famous, movie stars, politicians, sports personalities and the like gather to run the rule over the latest in womenswear. 

New York, Milan, Paris, London it says on the label and in the minds of the masses these are the fashion house hotspots. But what if I were to tell you that twice a year the place to be for the male that considers the dandy style of dress to be the right choice is not one of the four mentioned here but Florence?

 Pitti Uomo (Pitti Man) is the standout event for menswear in the world.

The true beauty of Pitti is that the real fashion and trends are showcased on the streets. The dandy flavour overtakes the cobbled squares of the Fortezza da Basso. To say that Pitti isn’t a competition is true but tell that to the competitors.

 If you missed the latest Pitti (June) then cast your eyes toward January 2018 for the next event. Remember to layer up.


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