An Ode to Carharrt

My introduction to the quintessential workwear fashionbrand came during a brief foray into the world of television.

Everyone I encountered had some kind of functional clothing on as the film crew are expected to be on set come rain or shine and from dusk to dawn (and sometimes dusk again). Whether runner or producer the unmistakeable logo was evident.

Whether it was cargo pants (loads of pocket options), jeans (tough and well made) or hooded coats (warm and light) there was something for everyone.

During the following 15 years since my first look at the brand they have gone from strength to strength. Collaborations with A.P.C., Adam Kimmel, Burton, Mastermind, Fragment Design, Sophnet, Uniform Experiment, Vans, Vestax, AIAIAI, 5Boro, London Undercover and many more have made Carharrt a firm favourite of the Hip Hop community, Skateboarders and BMXers alike.


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