GraffitiSoup #8

Keep abreast of the latest tech news with the 8th instalment of GraffitiSoup.

Pokemon Go and

Pokemon Go has hit like a whirlwind and is now available in Europe. This mobile app allows players to physically hunt for their favourite Pokemon using augmented reality technology. 

How Our Voices Could Unlock the Connected World

In a technology driven world where security is key, what could be better than fingerprints and retina scans when it comes to personalised key entry? Could the voice be that answer.

The Contactless payment system used on London’s transport network will soon be modified for use in other cities

When you consider commuting in London there aren’t very many success stories but the export of the TfL system used to pay for journeys across London networks could be its biggest win yet. 

Apple’s New Reality TV Show Is Now Accepting Applicants –

If there was ever a play on words that I wish I had come up with, this is it. Apple’s takeover of all mediums gathers momentum.

Enjoy the weekend


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