GraffitiSoup – Gut-Health, Antibiotics and the Microbiotic Assassination

This may not be the kind of post that you are used to seeing from me but it’s a guilty pleasure reading topic of mine. Gut health impacts everything from allergies to energy levels and you are most definitely what you eat.

Here are a selection of articles that I have consumed recently.

How Your Gut Effects Your Mood

The idea that our intestinal tracts shape our mental states is hardly new. Medicine has a long history of blaming our guts for psychological disorders. How much truth is in it?

How Far Would You Go For Gut Health? –

Josiah Zayner’s gut was making his life hell — so he embarked on an extreme DIY fecal transplant

The antibiotic “apocalypse” has been happening for years—we just didn’t notice –

What is the effect of antibiotics given thoughtlessly for mild illnesses, or used to treat viral infections or poured into the feed of healthy livestock?

What Your Microbiome Wants for Dinner

How to make the most of your internal garden? Mulch is the answer apparently.




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