GraffitiSoup – Morning Coffee

Anyone for Coffee?

For anyone confused about the importance of coffee you need only to consider the trading markets and the products that have been ever-present, coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet after oil.

Here are a selection of articles that showcase the diversity and importance of coffee and how innovation has helped keep its popularity.

Digital pop-up coffee shop brings Guardian’s open journalism to life

Digitisation of the coffee shop environment that the journalists frequent

Brew a fine cup of joe with one of these five great coffee makers

Which of these wondrous machines takes your fancy? Some innovative coffee machines to choose from.

Revolutionising coffee sample roasting

The world’s first digital micro coffee roaster. Giving you a chance to roast that Peruvian bean you’ve been saving for a rainy Tuesday in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Queen portrait created out of 1,600 used coffee pods

What to do with all the leftover coffee pods after that wild PTA meeting when Mrs Glossop made those sumptuous cupcakes? Why, create a piece of royalty related artwork of course!

I hope you enjoy (with your morning coffee)



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