Denim Patch Kids

Another totally self-indulgent post by yours truly about the latest trend to catch my eye and it’s not even a new trend to be fair, it’s more of a one-up regurgitation of a thrifty 60/70’s money saving exercise, denim patches.

This use of iron-on embroidered patches emblazoned across denim jackets and jeans is something that fills me with joy. How could it not?

Etsy must be rubbing their hands together as luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton showcase the style on the catwalk for the masses to go DIY as a cheaper, but just as stylish, option.

I have got no realistic approach for the best places to buy such a jacket but I would say get yourself a lovely little reasonably priced number from a reputable online retailer and source the necessary patches from rebels market, patch depot or eBay and get ironing.


2 thoughts on “Denim Patch Kids

  1. I absolutely LOVE this patch trend, as it encourages people to personalize their clothes and get involved in creating their own look. Great read mate


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