GraffitiSoup #11

Welcome to the 11th instalment of the commuters saviour, there should be just enough content to get you home.

Retailers are a sneaky bunch

Is it more than bargains and offers that are causing you to part with your cash? It seems the retailers have some sneaky tricks they use to influence consumers.

Keep safe surfing

Cyber security should be one of your key priorities in the modern age, these tips from the Intelligence community should give you a helping hand.

Selfie or not selfie? –

Narcissism has a new friend, the selfie. Addicts include the privileged kids of the rich and famous. Not for the faint hearted. Or parents.

What story does Science tell?

What is the truth when it comes to scientific data and what time honoured facts have been debunked.

Is your smart fridge safe from hackers? –

With the Internet of things about to reach a whole new level of connectivity the opportunity for hacking physical products is here.

Enjoy the weekend.


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