Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails, when the sun is shining, my thoughts always turn to enjoying a nice Daiquiri or a Pina Colada (I’m an umbrella man through and through.)

These articles give some techy answers to age old cocktail questions…

Finally, a machine that turns tweets into cocktails

I’m quite sure that when Twitter was invented nobody quite saw the future that tweeting had in the world of cocktail making. Quite simply, genius.

Robotic Bartender anyone?

We will be hard pressed to rival Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown when it comes to wooing the ladies but this contraption allows for hands-free cocktail making that will free you up to do all the barman poetry you desire.

Hong Kong’s Stock Market Bar Lets You Invest In Cocktails

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a trader why not play the markets at this bar? I’m sure that there are more volatile markets to bet on.

A Mood-Ring Ingredient Makes Cocktails Change Color

Science meets mixology with this clever little ingredient that turns this cocktail from one colour to another in front of your very eyes.

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Just because this is my favourite. So there.




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