GraffitiSoup #12

Welcome back to the regulars and well, welcome to the first-timers.


This weeks  GraffitiSoup brings us a glimpse into the world of Data. The importance of data has never been more evident with the vast array of machines, devices, systems and applications that this new digital world relies on.


Data Scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century


I’m not entirely sure that many signed up for the Data Scientist role specifically for this reason but it’s as good a label as any! –


Kaggle has “gamified” data science to the degree that businesses use competitions to engage, attract and interact with the data science community.


Uber Can Track Your One Night Stands

Data is not always used for determining your spending habits or to focus targeted advertising, sometimes it’s used for more practical or impractical reasons.


Moneyball – Data Analysis in Sport

Another example of how data can be used for the most varied reasons this time in sports analysis.


Have a lovely weekend


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