GraffitiSoup #13

Much of what we do as human beings is determined by the interaction that we have with each other, this is the main issue that those developing artificial intelligence are coming up against (think Ex Machina).

Emotional intelligence is that over arching topic and is more than a hot topic or trending hashtag. The term describes an extremely important concept: a person’s ability to recognize his or her own and other people’s emotions, to understand the powerful effect of these emotions, and to use that information to guide thinking and behaviour. This quality greatly enhances your efforts to achieve success in many areas.

Here a selection of articles and sources that may shed some light on the matter.

The Six Qualities of Good Feedback

Being able to give great feedback is a fundamental skill of work. So how come so many of us suck at it? And how can we improve?

The F word… Feedback

Feedback helps people answer vital questions. Glorious self-promo from yours truly.

Tinypulse –

Real-time feedback, recognition, and results. Anonymous 360 feedback software solution.


Emoquo is your personal online business coach. It shows typical scenarios that you are faced with. It uses mini drama videos, overlaying our experts nuggets of knowhow for you to learn from. These are real and relevant.

Have a lovely weekend


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