GraffitiSoup #14

The Internet of things is a culmination of years of development around faster communication brought about through the widespread use of the Internet and the evolution of wifi, Bluetooth and radio frequency which has allowed devices to talk to each other and interact in a mutually beneficial way.

The fact that this statement can be committed to paper and it not be part of a science fiction script is proof of the great strides that have been made in this most recent of revolutions, the digital revolution.

Here, as always, are a selection of articles that I have read on various topics in the IoT space.

What happens when you bring home a connected product?

Securing your connected products will become as important to you as setting your alarm or locking your windows.

10 gadgets for the ultimate connected home

Which of these smart products are on your wishlist and which should be.

Ring, the Video Doorbell for Your Smartphone

Another product that is making all the right noises within the connected home is Ring.

12 sci-fi technologies already changing the way we live –

The Internet of things brings with it exciting new developments including drones and virtual reality. Find out what’s hot, hot, hot.

A robot that can sing by itself and other technology news –

Is nothing sacred? Karaoke will never be the same again…

Have a lovely weekend


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