Watch This Space

I am not a man that adorns himself with much in the way of jewellery or other accessories but given a choice I would wear a watch. If it was the right watch.

I have very strong opinions on watches. I know that won’t shock that know me when I say that.

My personal belief is this. Should you choose to wear a watch it should be made by a watchmaker much in the same way that shoes are purchased from a shoemaker, bread from a bakery and so on.

What this means is do not buy a watch from a fashion house and expect the timepiece to be particularly good at keeping time or keeping value. Fashion trends fade with the seasons, classic watches do not.

Of the various manufacturers one stands out to me, Rolex.

The variety of options, excellence in design and functionality as well as the tried and tested nature of the Rolex all add up to a pretty safe bet when it comes to your choice of wrist candy.

Whether it’s an investment piece, heirloom or mid life treat make sure that you choose wisely or you may have to just buy another and we wouldn’t want that would we?


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