White Heart Lane


I can vividly remember the first time I set foot in White Hart Lane.

My 12 birthday, 4th April 1993. Aston Villa at home.

It wasn’t my first football match as I had been a regular at various non-league grounds to watch my uncle play semi-professionally.

But this was something else, this was a football stadium. With fans singing and the oohs and aahs that followed a piece of trickery or a last gasp save.

This place had a rhythm and a hum about it that immediately made me feel at home.

Gary Mabbutt led the side out that day. He was immense at only 5ft 10 which is small in comparison to some of the giants of the modern game.

Since that day I have been lucky enough to watch some wonderful matches at the Lane. I’ve seen us beat the Arsenal and even grace the Champions League on the hallowed turf.

This season 2016/17 will be the last at White Hart Lane in its current guise. Major redevelopment of the ground and the facilities is imminent that will allow the club to compete with the big clubs in terms of infrastructure and capacity.

As much as the change will not alter the geography too dramatically I still feel that a farewell is necessary.

For those that have experienced the home end match day atmosphere at WHL there is no comparison, even if you might have had to watch from behind a curiously positioned pillar.

Thanks for the highs and the lows, the glory nights, thanks for the broken dreams.

Thanks for the memories, “Audere est Facere”, to Dare is to Do.


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