GraffitiSoup #15

The way in which we consume TV shows, films, music and any other internet based products has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.


Streaming is the why and the what’s next is detailed in the following articles.

Twitch partners with Netflix, releases streaming survey –


The gamers favourite walkthrough streaming service pairs up with the Tinder lovers foreplay provider.


Amazon Is Launching a Standalone Video Streaming Service –


Amazon continues to diversify its unique service offering with a standalone video streaming service.


IBM survey says ads are the biggest reason people consider canceling their streaming video services


Who would have thought that plastering adverts and random pop-ups all over your subscription streaming services would turn consumers off?


You will soon be able to live stream to YouTube on your phone –


Cue a whole host of annoying teens sharing their every moments. Wait a minute, don’t we already have Snapchat for that?


Frank Ocean live streams his latest album offering


If Ocean can reach anywhere near the heady heights delivered by Channel Orange then this should be a runaway success.





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