Trainers were the first real sportswear staple to creep into everyday wear.

The sweatsuit or the shell suit was adopted by everyone from rappers to mobsters in the late 80’s, coupled nicely with gold chains and cigars.

The 90’s made velour acceptable as a tracksuit material (shhhhh I still wear velour).

Hoodies paired with jogging bottoms were the uniform of the ASBO generation in the noughties. Shopping centre’s everywhere were scared stiff by the trend.

Fast forward to 2016 and the athleisure/sportsluxe movement is in full swing.
The style has been helped in no small part by the success of the big sportswear brands but the runway names have all played a part in taking it from the street into everyday wear.

Go to collections include Gosha Rubinisky, Jeremy Scott and Riccardo Tisci that sample the athleisure trend and the tie in between high fashion and casual wear.
Here are a selection of my picks moving into AW 16.


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