5 To Shout from the Rooftop about

Drinks with a view? These rooftop bars offer a different perspective on a favourite pastime, drinking!

Franks Cafe, Peckham – https://frankscafe.org.uk

This is where you will find the cool kids that now populate the heavily gentrified urban jungle of Peckham.


Sky lounge, Aldgate – https://doubletree3.hilton.com

On the top of the Hilton Hotel this terrace offers stunning views and wonderfully mixed cocktails. Excellent date venue.


Madisons, St Pauls – https://www.madisonlondon.net

The City boys that frequented Coq D’Argent now occupy Madison above One New Change. This venue has an extremely heathy weekend party scene for those that want to avoid the weekday suits, salesman, bankers and brokers.


Dalston Roof Park, Dalston – https://dalstonroofpark.co.uk

AstroTurf abound, the Dalston Roof Park offers the Hackney hipsters a sanctuary within spitting distance of home.


Prince of Wales, Brixton – https://www.pow-london.com/


The Prince of Wales pub & POW form a large music venue with two-tier outdoor roof terrace in Brixton. A great location for late night drinking and dancing.





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