The Yeezy Effect

Like him, loathe him, everything in between, Kanye West’s impact on a variety of creative platforms from music to fashion is evident.

 What exactly is Yeezy in terms of a menswear clothing brand?


After early collaborations with APC, Louis Vuitton and Nike the next part of the super brand evolution sits firmly with Adidas.

 The collections thus far have brought Kanye’s signature style in dusky pinks, browns, greys, greens and tan hues. The simplistic nature of the designs allow degrees of layering.


The shoes are the real money maker and although not exactly classic are iconic in their own right. The duckboot type arrangements vary widely from the sneaker collectors dream of the boosts but have proven no less successful or collector worthy.

 What will the AW 16 release bring that can keep Yeezys latest collection top of the pops. I’m sure whatever the result one thing is for certain, Kanye’s ego will remain intact.


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