GraffitiSoup #17

In a Digital world where all of your devices talk to eachother, there is one component that is common whether you are keen to operate a drone or check your home security system and that component is a handheld wireless communication device, more often than not, a smartphone.


Here are a few of the devices that will be controlling your world.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review


Samsung’s latest premium offering gives us a sizeable screen and for the social media addicts it even has a GIF making function!


Future iPhone Thieves May Have Their Fingerprints & Pictures Captured by the Device Itself


It’s all very well having security functions that disable a smart device but how about catching offenders?


GoGoGrandparent lets people without smartphones use on-demand services like Uber –


What do the technologically challenged non smartphone users do when they want to use an Uber or AirBnB? GoGoGrandparent has the answer.


Best smartphones 2016: The best phones available to buy today


Self-explanatory title, the best smartphones on the market for 2016.


Turning old smartphones into anti-burglary devices and baby monitors –


Recycling old smartphones to become 2nd generation IoT sensors.


Have a great weekend


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