5 of the Best Steaks in Town

5 tried and tested eating options for you to sample of the Best Steaks in town

How do you like yours? Rare? Medium? Well? Excellently cooked? You’re in luck.

Goodmans, City of London – www.goodmanrestaurants.com/

What makes this wonderful restaurant stand out from the rest is not the steak, which is delightful, but the accompanying dishes. Twice fried truffle chips, lobster Mac and cheese, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Hawksmoor, Seven Dials – thehawksmoor.com/

Hawksmoor has a wide reputation as the best steak restaurant around and it’s easy to see why. Forced into a decision I would say the Chateau Briand as the choice cut from the menu. Order the Braised beef short-rib sandwich with Ogleshield & French’s American mustard at least once in your life.

L’Entrecote, Old Broad Street – http://www.relaisdevenise.com/city/

Steak, frites and a special sauce. A treat that you should give yourself at least once. A real undercover gem.

Smiths of Smithfield, Farringdon – www.smithsofsmithfield.co.uk/

Three floors of freshly prepared meat dishes a stones throw from the London meat district. The higher the floor the more formal the eats and luxurious the seats.

Cau, Blackheath – www.caurestaurants.com/

A lovely, local Argentinian steak restaurant with views of the Heath. Excellent.


2 thoughts on “5 of the Best Steaks in Town

  1. Had a fair few steaks in my time but the Goodmans Rib Eye medium Rare is the ONE! Truffle Mac’n’Cheese have a word… Dam it, I want one for breakfast now!


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