GraffitiSoup #18

Virtual Reality


This edition of DigitalSoup goes some way to exploring the progression of Virtual or Augmented Reality.


A term that has always stuck with me is that we eat with our eyes and I believe this to be true as we consume a variety of information visually especially in this technology led era.


Oculus Rift are leading the way with the Virtual Reality headsets but all of the big players are in the midst of developing their take on what and how we will interact with both physical and virtual realities.


Here are some interesting articles to whet your appetite on this topic.


Audi Dealers Will Soon Sell Cars Using Virtual Reality –


Let’s take a look inside the latest vehicles from Audi and the VR tools that Audi dealers will be using to entice you to purchase them.


BBC Launches 1916 Virtual Reality Experience at London’s National Theatre –


Take a step back in time to when Ireland wrestled for Independence from Britain with the help of an Oculus Rift headset to create an immersive experience.


Smart Appliances and Virtual Reality at the IFA 2016 –


What’s next for Smart Appliances and VR according to the IFA 2016?


Ghostbusting Finally Got Me to Believe in the Power of VR –


Madame Tussaud’s cracks the VR experience with a spooky insight into the life of a Ghostbuster.


Intel to Buy Movidius to Help it Win in New Tech Like Virtual reality, Driverless Cars –


Intel have realised that they need to stay in touch with the major tech companies and see the acquisition of Movidius as a crucial tactic in keeping up with the leading pack.


I hope that you enjoyed this week’s edition – check out Tuesday’s for “5 of” Restaurant Reviews on Asian Cuisine




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