GraffitiSoup #19

Machine Learning


Data is the gateway to understanding the array of smart things, devices, applications and products that will shape the Digital world and Data Science is the means to reach that gateway.


Here are a selection of articles that address the topic and hopefully provide an enlightening insight.


An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI –


Let’s be honest, it’s all a little bit complicated getting your head around the intricacies of Data Science, let Data Science Central gives us the lowdown in laymans terms.


Track Three Trends in the 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies –


Machine learning is at the forefront of the hype for the next 2-5 years according to this report by Gartner.


Machine Learning Algorithm Identifies Tweets Sent Under the Influence of Alcohol –


I am pleased to say that my life path has allowed me to avoid the perils of “drunk tweeting” but for many this is a real and very serious problem it seems!


Deepmind Will Use AI to Streamline Targeted Cancer Treatment –

Google’s machine-learning division, DeepMind, thinks AI can help ease the burden of working out how to zap a tumour with radiation, a process that is laborious for doctors under usual circumstances.


I hope that you enjoyed this week’s selection.




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