GraffitiSoup #20


Wearable Technology is the next stage in the evolution of the smartphone and the Internet of Things so let’s get serious about what you put on your wrist.


Here are a selection of articles that either give direct advice on your choice of smartwatch or offer some thought provoking information, either way they make for good reading.


How Does G-Shock Compete in a World of Fitbits and Apple Watches?  –


With the Digital revolution in full flow and every movement captured for geo-locational or heart monitoring purposes, how does the original digital timepiece expect to stay current?


Why the future of communication could be on your wrist


Ari Roisman is on a mission to make our interactions with wearable devices as authentic as an augmented world can be.


Michael Kors Smart Watch Making Waves for the “Wrong” Reasons  –


Michael Kors collaboration with Fossil has given them the bridge they needed to operate as reputable Android watchmakers. Fun and interest and dare I say it, trendy.


Why it’s nearly impossible for Apple to beat Rolex  –


Will any watchmaker, digital or otherwise, topple the stranglehold that Rolex holds on the watch market?


Best smartwatches of 2016


If you are making the leap form traditional wristwatch to a more advances digital timepiece then you need to know your Apples from your Pebbles.


For anyone that hasn’t already you really should take a look at 5 Seafood Delights for some of the best fish restaurants London has to offer, go on, treat yourself.




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