GraffitiSoup #21

Digital Surveillance & Security in a Cyber Age


Cyber/Security and Digital Surveillance is prevalent in this age of heightened security when terrorism comes as much from the use of malware and spyware than in the form of physical threat.


What does the panopticon mean in the age of digital surveillance? –


Big “Stuffed” brother is watching you as you make your way into the University College London, part of UCL’s PanoptiCam project which tests, amongst other things, surveillance algorithms.


Who are the big players in the anti-surveillance industry?


With high profile hacks amounting to millions of peoples personal information as well as the apple icloud controversies it’s no wonder technology businesses are popping up everywhere with specialisms in anti-surveillance.


British lawmakers pass new digital surveillance law –


The Investigatory Powers Bill was introduced to the House of Commons on 1 March 2016. It will provide a new framework to govern the use and oversight of investigatory powers by law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies.


Paranoids in the Age of Digital Surveillance –


The change in paranoid delusions with the advancements in technology. Which of the latest technology developments could potentially intrude into the average persons privacy.


A Guide Book For Faking Your Own Death In The Digital Age –


Can you escape the online breadcrumb trail of the digital prison we all seem to live in? And if you can, can you stay gone?


Have a lovely weekend




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