GraffitiSoup #22

Amazon Echo has hit the connected market like a steam train with its intuitive voice activated control and it’s plethora of skills as well as the fledgling relationship with IFTTT that allows consumers to explore the ways it can interact with other products and services, all in all it makes for a very interesting next few months of continuous improvement.

Here are a selection of articles or resources that should help you learn more, use more effectively or just give an insight into this exciting new product.

Echo Unofficial User Forum

A place for users to ask, be asked and learn from each other. Could prove to be an invaluable resource.

21 Amazon Echo Hacks

Make the most of Echo’s capabilities with this must use hacks

Amazon Echo, The Most Exciting New Gadget in Years

The UK release of the Amazon Echo (with Dot following closely behind) opens up an exciting leap forward for connected products with the IoT at a maturity that brings the prospect of machine learning and AI into the mainstream.

Jamie Oliver and AKQA Launch Amazon Echo Voice-activated Recipe Service

Jamie Oliver, one of the first to embrace the interactive, voice activated world of Alexa from Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Deep Dive – London #SmartHomeDinner – October 2016

At this dinner event, the experts from Kazendi will present you with an overview of what allows Echo to perform it’s magic, what apps are out there right now (for instance order a Pizza via Domino’s skill) and how your business can leverage this opportunity.



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