GraffitiSoup #23

The Connected Car, Driverless Cars and Self Driving Trucks are all topics of conversation I never thought would be had over the breakfast table without the word Transformers thrown in but I was wrong.
Advancements in technology led by crystal clear camera and sensors have made drones manned by operators in far off shores capable of being utilised in real time combat situations thousands of miles away.

Here are a selection of interesting articles that  show just how far we have come.

Apple Use Virtual Reality to Test the Self Drive Car

They’ve revolutionised the Walkman, phone, watch and now have set their sites on your car. Apple are making behind the scenes moves on the self-drive car.

Self-Driving Uber Truck Delivers 50,000 Budweisers, Because Why the Hell Not

Uber take the opportunity to show off their advanced self-drive capabilities by delivering a precious cargo of Budweiser.

View story at

Why humans should bully driverless cars

An LSE study has found that humans intend to bully driverless cars in order to maintain their place at the top of the pecking order. Some interesting points.

 Navdy’s Heads-Up Display for your car

The idea behind Navdy is simple enough: take the stuff that might usually live on your phone’s screen (or on your car’s onboard info system) and put it on a screen that is, in theory, less distracting.

Self Driving and Autonomous Vehicles Meetup

Fancy meeting up with other Autonomous Vehicle enthusiasts (petrol heads seems like an inadequate phrase now most of these vehicles will be electric) – join now

Enjoy and drive safely


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