5 Of – Barrafina Review


This week’s “5 Of” is a review of one particular restaurant, Barrafina.

The restaurant I attended was the 3rd of 3 and is based close to Charing Cross station in the shadow of St Martin’s in the fields.

The set up is simple. A high topped marble serving counter with a slender, open kitchen is manned by an energetic, informed, talented staff that provide a wonderful selection of small plates that capture the essence of Spanish small plates at its very best.

Before we delve into the delights of the menu we need to be clear that this is a strictly no reservation arrangement. This means that if you do not manage to time your visit correctly, waiting is inevitable but nevertheless, worthwhile.

Once seated we are straight into the action, perched on high stools and close enough to feel the heat of the kitchen.


The menu is supplemented by a specials board which included, during our visit, scallops, chorizo croquettes and fried pumpkin slices.


Crab croquettes from the usual menu were spectacular and the salt cod tasty and substantial.


The nature of tapas allows for sharing, experimental trying of new flavours and an opportunity to indulge as much or as little as your budget allows. This restaurant offers the best of all three in my opinion.


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