GraffitiSoup #25

The Start-Up Environment

The importance of the office as a business grows and evolves has never been more prominent. The workplace has evolved to a whole new level of expectation in recent years where environment and ergonomics have gone from cubicles or offices to open plan spaces. Ennui has been replaced with ball ponds, beanbags, write-on walls and even slides that encourage collaboration, innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurship.


Here are a selection of stunning workplaces from across various locations that offer all of the above and some more.


Dropbox’s Revamped San Francisco Headquarters Is Made up of Colorful “Neighborhoods”


Airbnb’s Beautiful Tokyo Office Recreates the Vibes of Nearby Neighborhoods


Birmingham Offers an Alternative to London’s Silicon Roundabout


A Peek Inside Office Space in Town – Waterloo


The Gateway to Enterprise in Bristol and Bath –

If these environments don’t inspire you to make the most of the place you spend the majority of your day then nothing will!

Have a great week


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