GraffitiSoup #26

The Emoji is more than just an ingenious cartoon version of the smiley face, the Emoji is the way that millions convey emotions such as laughter (the crying smiley face) or sadness (the single teardrop face) as well as using fruits and vegetables to relay meanings that they were not originally intended for.


However you use Emoji, I can almost guarantee that you use them. The following articles give you an insight into what it takes to make good use of them and some other interesting points.


How to Speak Emoji –


Let’s face it, if you want to be down with the cool kids you will need to swot up. Know your “fist bump” emoji from your “aggressively waved closed hand”.


Natalia Echeverry – Pattern Making with Emoji –


If paisley can be such an everlasting, timeless pattern then surely the fried egg Emoji has the same appeal? Natalia Echeverry uses the egg emoji to great creative effect.


James Corden heads up the voice cast for Sony’s Emojimovie –


We had Disney’s Pixels which brought PacMan to life so why not make the most of the popularity of the Emoji. James Corden lends his vocal talents to this movie brought to the masses by Sony.


The New Hieroglyphs: It’s Time We Recognize Emoji as Art –


If you were unlucky enough to read some of my Whatsapp messages you would see a misuse of the Emoji in more ways than one, driven by misunderstanding for one and a cheeky nature secondary. One thing for sure would be that you would see some interesting combinations of images that can only be deciphered by those “in the know”. With this in mind, should the masses recognise Emoji as art? Discuss.

Do You Need an Explanation of What the Key Emoji’s Are? Here you go…


As an aside if you find yourself in London town and desperate for chicken (We’ve all been there) here is your guide – 5 Of The Hottest Chicken Spots



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