5 Of The Best – Caribbean Flavours

I’ve got a little confession to make. I love jerk. I am lucky enough to have a very multicultural background so as much as I love a roast dinner I can’t get by without the occasional serving of scotch bonnet enriched chicken, rice and peas, a patty to accompany it and all washed down with a Guinness punch.


Here are a selection of restaurants, pop-ups and caterers that will give you that taste of the Caribbean that you deserve.


This edition is dedicated to my Aunt Peggy who I think of every time I sample rum or fill up on jerk chicken. RIP


White Men Can’t Jerk – http://www.whitemencantjerk.com/@WMCJ_LDN


Event catering, pop-up, Deliveroo collaborator, festival foodies – these are a few of the things that the WMCJ team have done and can do for those wanting to sample their take on Jerk. They were even invited to compete in the London Jerk Cook Off against some of the most established names in Caribbean food.


Rum Kitchen – http://www.therumkitchen.com/ – Brixton/Notting Hill/Carnaby – @therumkitchen 


Now with three premises Rum Kitchen is now providing its Caribbean shack food and cocktail combination across London. With traditional dishes on the menu like Red Snapper and Curry Mutton on the mains and Callalloo and Plantain on the side there is no excuse not the visit.


Rudies Real Jerk – http://rudieslondon.com/ – Stoke Newington – @rudieslondon


When it comes to Caribbean food or drink one thing is for certain, there is no rush. If you want to spend your time eating, drinking and conversing then Rudies is the place. If you love the spicy-sweet taste of tender charcoal grilled and smoked jerk cooking, refreshing Jamaican beers and rums, the easy vibe of reggae music and the laid back ambience of a fun and sassy social hang out then you are gonna love Rudie’s.


Mango Shack – Camden – http://www.mangoshack.co.uk/@MangoShackLDN


Mango Shack sits close to Camden train station and offers the dishes we all know and love such as Pumpkin Soup, Saltfish Fritters, Ackee and Saltfish and the classic Jerk Chicken. Fantastic for groups and special occasions.


Mama’s Jerk – http://www.mamasjerk.com/ – Pop Brixton/Street Feast/Deptford – @mamasjerk


Mama’s Jerk comes from a secret family recipe passed down through the generations. Like every great recipe the real joy comes from the development of that simple principle with the introduction of a modern twist. Mama’s Jerk undertake private catering events popups and festivals and offers wraps, wings and the age old jerk chicken legs, rice and peas.


Enjoy and eat responsibly J

PS if you like your chicken non-spicy then try these options 5 Of The Hottest Chicken Spots


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