GraffitiSoup #27

GraffitiSoup #27


Welcome to this week’s edition of GraffitiSoup.


This week I have chosen to highlight several topics that are interesting to me, rather than follow a common theme. For those of you coming across these topics for the first time, you will be seeing a continued trend over coming months.


Click on the links below to delve into the future of Tech.


PaaS – What is PaaS?


Platform as a service will be a more prominent topic and it could be interesting especially for cloud based solutions and IoT.


Bots – How Bots are evolving –


Developments in AI mean that you could well be interacting with a Bot as the first line of communication. Here’s a look at how they are evolving to handle user needs.


Blockchain – Don’t let banks fool you, the blockchain really does have other uses –


The Blockchain is a heavy topic of conversation for any business that is involved in e-commerce, payments or fintech ie everyone. What can be gained from use of the blockchain outside of banking?


Cyber – Spy agency GCHQ investigates Tesco Bank cyber theft amid fears it was ‘state sponsored –


Terrorism used to be constrained to physical atrocities since the cold war but a new terrorism is upon us, the Cyber kind. Was the recent Tesco Bank hacking state sponsored terrorism?


Smartcities – The road to tomorrow: streets need to be as smart as the cars driving on them –


A lot has been said of the connected car movement but not enough has been spoken of the correct infrastructure to support such an innovation. This article looks at the need for a “smart city”.


For those who are interested in spicing up their lives with Caribbean cuisine read the latest 5 Of here.


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