GraffitiSoup #28



If you are down with the Digital hipsters then you will know that selfies are just the tip of the iceberg. The real action is with Snapchat which is used by millions as a messaging app that has really caught the imagination of the masses with hilarious augmented add-ons to the traditional selfie.


Here are some articles to highlight the impact that Snapchat has had on the world.


How to use Snapchat –  


Get down with the kids and learn how to Snapchat like the best of them.


Snapchat Spectacles –


Snapchat are now selling spectacles from a vending machine. Consumerism at its best! Brilliance in branding and marketing make these the must-have accessory.


Snapchat Memories –


The instant disappearance of your Snapchat images can be counteracted by Snapchat Memories which allows for direct competition for Facebook and Instagram (I know they are pretty much the same thing nowadays don’t worry).


Snapchat to Float –


How much will Snap be worth when floated? Reports suggest anywhere in the region of $25bn!


Snapchatters you really should be following –


You need to know who to follow to get the latest insights of the Snapchat celebrities, here’s the breakdown.


I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s GraffitiSoup – as always if you fancy a few cheeky Polynesian cocktails click here for a review of the best Tiki Bars



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