GraffitiSoup #10

The 10th edition of GraffitiSoup brings us a shameless plug for some of the clients that I have been lucky enough to work with and the exciting projects that they are undertaking.

EE and the Transformation of Telco

Telecoms has every flavour of the Digital revolution in one place, e-commerce, voice, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, user experience, the list goes on. The work that EE have done in this space has kept them amongst the top service providers in this space.

Jaguar Land Rover – is the Connected Car the Ultimate Wearable? –

JLR have had to diversify into new areas to keep pace with the newer, more agile, tech savvy competition and are tackling this new frontier head on.

Aviva’s Digital Skills Garage –

Insurance has changed from the traditional belts and braces industry it once was and customer interaction and a sticky product is just as evident here as it is in all digital businesses. This physical innovation/incubation hub encourages collaboration and entrepreneurial thinking.

Lloyds Banking Group Digital Evolution –

Lloyds achieved something spectacular with the drive into huge user numbers for their mobile app and they are going from strength to strength with a clear digital vision and a solid customer base.

Valtech – Engineering Customer Experiences –

This software development consultancy operates heavily within government providing digital expertise. This case study shows how they use agile methods to manage a project for Audi.

Hive –

Hive is operating as the flagship brand for Connected Home under the Centrica umbrella of companies and is going great guns. Already the Number 1 smart thermostat in the UK market Hive is now diversifying into new product lines and new markets.


Have a great weekend


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