The Dinner Jacket – Pt 1

The Dinner Jacket


2017 Looks like the year of the formal Dinner Party for me. It seems my future social calendar will amount to more than just the occasional pub visit or the local curry house.


Everyone knows that the formal dress is the full works so expectations are high and the centre piece is the Dinner Jacket.


Now I am getting to an age where I there is a big decision to be made. Do I rent? Do I buy “off-the-shelf” or do I go bespoke.


I chose to go to Graham Browne Tailors ( and get the bespoke Dinner jacket I have always dreamed of. The first fitting is detailed in pictures below.

This first fitting involved wearing a roughly tacked together version of the suit (minus a sleeve as you can see!) This will allow for adjustments, especially of the shoulders and back. The suit will be marked up with chalk and sent back to the coatmakers for adjustment.


The next stage in the process will be the forward fitting which is where I will pick up this fairytale.

As an aside, to accompany the outfit I have chosen a pair of Belgian Loafers made by Baudoin and Lange. Check them out here –


I will update you all on the progress.

Graham Browne have a history of giving people the bespoke suit experience as seen on Permanent Style – 



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