GraffitiSoup – Movie Special

GraffitiSoup – Movie Special

As a fanatical film buff I wanted to share some of my recent favourites with you and the reasons why I feel that you should watch them.


In no particular order…


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman boasts a fantastic cast including Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson but the real star is Taron Egerton, who plays the cockney street urchin to perfection. A tongue in cheek take on the spy genre with clever screenplay this picture entertains all the way through, which is no mean feat for a modern action/comedy. Must watch.


Miles Teller is a drummer who aspires to true greatness and J.K Simmons the lecturer tasked with bringing the very best out of his students by any means necessary. Very much in the mould of Black Swan in its darkness and focus on excellence at all cost, this is a wonderful reminder that the adolescent naivety brought about by a soft new world dissipates in adulthood. No prizes for 2nd place and all that jazz. Please excuse the pun.


Filmed in a continuous manner that suggests that the whole movie was done in one take. Clever, uncomplicated and enthralling. This film is a metaphor. Much in the same way the Wrestler gave Mickey Rourke a platform to show his acting skills were as current in this new climate as his 80’s heyday, Birdman is the turn of Keaton to once again reach deep inside and give a career best performance. Oscar worthy but much more than just a critics film. Worth watching for the filmography alone.

Closer to the Moon

Mark Strong plays the lead in a lovely Romanian/American film about a group of intellectuals who are forced to recreate a bank robbery that they committed under the guise of a film crew. A true story of post-war, communist Romania that is clever, funny and wonderfully made. Much better on the small screen I would imagine.

The Martian

Matt Damon helped this film win a Oscar for this incredibly funny portrayal of an astronaut that finds himself all alone on Mars. A mix of a survival movie, a comedy and a space flick this one ticks all of the necessary boxes for each genre. Maybe unfairly, I judged this film up against Gravity (91 minutes of my life I will never get back) and Interstellar (excellent) and I must admit this stacks up as the best of the three. You will never look at your back-garden vegetable patch in the same way again.


As always if you are interested in extra-curricular activities that involve eating, drinking and being merry take a glimpse here Christmas Fare – Pop-Ups and Such – 5 Gold Offe-rings


Have a great week and Merry Christmas


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