GraffitiSoup #29

I hope that you have had a lovely festive break so far.

This week I would like to highlight a few topics that have piqued my interest.

Thanks to mobile computing and the cloud, we’re all starting to work from home more

What does the workplace revolution mean for productivity, working relationships and for an individuals ability to tailor their immediate environment to their own “taste”.

The 7 Unmissable Tech Predictions That Will Define 2017

Take a peek at what’s hot, what’s not and more importantly what you should be swotting up on to enable you to be credible with your tech contacts in 2017.

London’s New Way to Count Tube Riders? Tracking Their Phones

How can TFL leverage the vast amount of data that they should have on physical customer journeys? This article explains the steps that are being taken to enable your escalator rides to be less complicated.

The Lexus LIT IS Features 41,999 Programmable Color LEDs

Unadulterated tech/car fanboy news. Please imagine your Christmas lights had as much thought put into them. Joyous.

Emoji translator wanted – London firm seeks specialist

There really couldn’t be an emerging job role that epitomises the latest generation than an Emoji Translator. I just can’t wait to start seeing the CV’s come through!

If you are still hungry after all the turkey and trimmings take a look at some seasonal options here

Have a Happy new Year!


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