5 Of – Sheesh Review

​​This week’s “5 Of” is a review of one particular restaurant, Sheesh.

The restaurant is in Chigwell at the site of the a  600-year-old, half-timbered building.

The venue offers fantastic Turkish cuisine plus live music and heated terrace. The decor is very dark and the interior is leather and has quite a masculine feel.

The upstairs bar offers a perfect environment for couples or groups to enjoy cocktails and the variety is very good.

The service here was excellent, it really was. From start to finish the staff were attentive without being pushy and were more than happy to field my questions around why the meat was so tender and flavoursome.

As a party of 4 we chose several starters including the Turkish Pizza (Pide), Humus and the Feta and Spinach pastry wraps as well as the usual bread.

The ladies shared the Humus and the pastries and were suitably impressed.

The gents are not the sharing kind but were both just as pleased with the Pide and the bread.

The mains followed in a timely manner (the sitting was for a 2 hour period) and the meat was accompanied by 6 kinds of salad. The grill is visible from the main dining room and the chefs are all hands to the pump providing a large number of customers with generous portions.

The mixed lamb and chicken shish main course was simply wonderful and I felt the need to ask the waiter the secret of how the meat was so tender.

Our waiter explained that the meat is freshly provided each day and that an onsite butcher chooses select cuts of lamb and chicken that is marinated in milk before a marinade of spices finishes the dish off.

The meal was finished by desserts such as donuts, profiteroles and chocolate dream cakes all accompanied by ice cream.

Taking into consideration the Chigwell location, the high quality food and the warm, welcoming bar I really couldn’t recommend this restaurant highly enough.

This is the sort of place that I would return to for the odd special treat.

You should consider treating yourself sometime.


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