GraffitiSoup #30

GraffitiSoup #30


Hi All, this is the first GraffitiSoup of 2017 so let’s get stuck in. These articles capture a mix of the trends of 2016 moving into what 2017 has in store for us all.


How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys –

The Future Lab which is Lego’s research and development team invent new and enhanced play experiences for the millions of kids all over the world that use the coloured bricks of joy.

2016: The Mainstream Media Melted Down as Fake News Festered

At one point during 2016 in the US, fake news was increasingly outperforming the top stories at the 19 major news outlets. Social media feeds were relaying unfounded news stories that were prioritised by Facebook the more people shared them. Is this the end of news as we know it?


What Matters Most in 2017

What technology trends will shape 2017? 2016 was influenced by impactful breakthroughs that were unforeseen as far as the widestream media were concerned so here is an informed view on what might be the next big thing.


The year in new platform features and tweaks, ranked

How do the likes of Facebook and Snapchat best position their platform to continue to succeed in a world where rapid success doesn’t necessarily mean longevity.


Raspberry Pi’s Pixel for PC and Mac breathes new life into old computers –

How to resuscitate your old laptop with a new desktop UI from Raspberry Pi


What breakthroughs or existing technologies do you feel will come to the fore during 2017?

Thanks for reading and here is a review of Sheesh restaurant for your viewing.

Happy New Year


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