GraffitiSoup #32 Virtual reality will become a social experience.

Today’s edition of GraffitiSoup has a selection of articles that enforce the view that Virtual reality is here to stay but not only that, virtual reality will become a social experience.


Facebook Challenges $2 Billion Lawsuit Alleging Oculus Stole Key Technology –


As per usual, at the top of the tech world, there is controversy through corporate spying, blatant plagiarism and theft, and that is just my blog postings. Read on for the latest virtual fistfight to determine who’s Dad is the biggest.


Eight Ways ‘Pokémon GO’ Must Evolve In 2017 –


If you are sick of Pokemon then click away now, it seems that 2017 is still the year of Pokemon Go. The gift that keeps on giving.


How I Met My Daughter Before She Was Born –


Technology has an awful lot to answer for but the ability to see your unborn child is something that I personally found both fascinating and very rewarding, allowing me to bond with my future mini-me’s prior to their official debut. This clever 4D tech goes a step further.


Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: Epson Announces Availability of Moverio BT-300 Developer & Drone Editions –


Snapchat and Google Glass aside, there are no outstanding players in this field, could Epson gatecrash this market?


No, Apple won’t make its own Google Glass


For those of you who love to eat French cuisine, please check out my recent “5 Of” post here.






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