GraffitiSoup #33 Voice interfaces will usher in the rise of the next big platform.

GraffitiSoup #33 Voice interfaces will usher in the rise of the next big platform.


Welcome to this week’s edition of GraffitiSoup where we delve into the world of voice interfaces whether via mobile, standalone product or connected services.


The Echo and Alexa imitators of CES 2017 –


What else is out there in the world of voice interfaces? Take a peek at the future


Voice tech is the new interface to everything –


It may seem a little sci-fi but with HSBC launching voice authentification for telephone banking the sky really is the limit. Voice tech will be the gateway to all connected products and services it seems.


How voice technology is transforming computing –


This post details how deep-learning is evolutionizing the way computers understand and develop their artificial intelligence to become less robotic and, dare I say it, more human.


Two Simple User Experience Design Gestures that Delighted a Female User –


What do voice interfaces feel like when the person interacting with them is female? Are there subtle differences in the way that these systems are built that impact each sex differently?


Cortana Streamlines IoT Voice Control, Can it Keep up with Google and Amazon? –


Microsoft is looking to gatecrash the IoT party but it is still uncertain whether it will be via a hub product such as the Echo or via the devices directly. Expect to be speaking directly to your fridge in the very near future!


I hope that you found these articles amusing, enlightening or entertaining, even all of the above.


If you find yourself hankering after Mexican food then please take a peek at some recommendations around the London scene here.


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