5 Of London’s Most Prestigious Pie & Mash Shops

5 Of London’s Most Prestigious Pie & Mash Shops


Pie & Mash


Before the arrival of Eel and Pie shops, pies were sold by itinerant pie-men and eels by street sellers of pea soup and hot eels. The first pie shops were seen in London in the middle of the nineteenth century.


I choose my words carefully here when I state that these are simply 5 of the many excellent pie and mash establishments around the Capital that provide us Londoners with the much needed meat, pastry and potato based dish that has been keeping the cockneys alive for generations. I don’t want to get into any arguments about who is the best as this is a very competitive field so all I will say is this, if you want the true taste of London then pie and mash is a must. As a disclaimer I am not an eel fan myself, stewed, jellied or otherwise so I cannot comment on the quality of that particular dish!


Goddards – Greenwich – www.goddardsatgreenwich.co.uk/ – Est 1890


Tucked away within Greenwich market is this traditional pie and mash shop. This little gem is a favourite of the tourists to historic Greenwich but it remains true to its Deptford roots and offers the usual specialities. Lovely for a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of the market to fill up on the Goddard’s special pie recipe.


Manzes – Tower Bridge Road – www.manze.co.uk/ – Est 1902


Manzes has 3 shops in the South East which offer traditional Pie & Mash and Eels (jellied or stewed), in authentic surroundings (they have now thankfully moved on from the sawdust on the floor). I have eaten in the Tower Bridge Road shop on many occasions and I have always been impressed.


F Cooke – Hoxton – http://www.piesandmash.com/contact – Est 1862


Widely touted as the earliest of the pie and mash shops F Cooke is most certainly the earliest in the East End. The usual delights await with traditional pies, mash and eels (jellied or stewed) all available.


Kellys – Roman Road – http://gkelly.london/ – Est 1938


Kelly’s was originally an Eel and Pie shop in Bethnal Green Road opened in 1915 run as a family business. Following an 80 year old recipe, Kelly’s pies have a rough-puff pastry top with a soft, dough bottom. Affiliated to West Ham unfortunately.


Arments – http://www.armentspieandmash.com/ – Est 1914


Arment’s Pie, Mash & Eel House is still trading in Walworth being owned and run by third generation Arment’s Roy & Cheryl with the help of other family members. There has always been an argument in South London as to which is better, Arments or Manze’s pies and I am not about to add my opinion, I would ask you to make your own mind up!


I hope that you get a chance to sample the true taste of London.


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