The Dinner Jacket – Pt 2

​The big reveal is upon us. The 2nd fitting has occurred and the small amendments to the sleeves to allow for extraordinarily long limbs have now been completed. 
The jacket is beautiful. Exceptional quality, attention to detail and very much, bespoke. The fit is slightly more tailored to the body than I would expect but this style sits well with my own taste (this was noted by Danny in no uncertain terms).

The whole experience has been excellent from beginning to end. The craftsmanship that is involved is amazing. The glimpse into the day to day and the opportunity to soak up the good feelings from other happy customers during my visits have pretty much proven to me that this will not be the last commission that I ask of Graham Browne.

Put simply, if you are in a position where you require a tailored suit, jacket, coat (I’ve seen a custom golf gilet causing quite a furore with its popularity this week) or other item and you understand that bespoke means a price over and above off the peg (you’re paying for first class service here) then please reach out to the team over at Graham Browne.

Graham Browne are now offering a more personal service with home/office visits an option. Conservative, traditional options are now complimented with exciting alternative cloth from the likes of Dashing Tweeds.

Here is the finished article.

As a complete outfit. I have matched the jacket with a black velvet bow tie, blackwatch tartan trousers, navy/grey Sagan loafers from Boudouin and Lange and a white dress shirt from TM Lewin.


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