Graffiti Soup #1

To celebrate my 100th blog post I wanted to re-share my very first. I hope you have enjoyed them so far and thank you for reading.


I have found myself in a situation where I have two things that I never expected to have at this time in my life. 1. A passion for technology and 2. Access to information and resources that enables me to share that passion.

In this (weekly?) blog I will share a selection of the articles/websites/topics that I have found insightful/exciting/interesting/unputdownable and would love to hear your thoughts.

How to make your social media skills pay –

In a time where social media is an ever-present, necessary evil why not use that medium to bring in additional income?

Creatives, designers and drugs –

Artistic inspiration hasn’t always come from within, sometimes is comes from less mainstream sources and psychedelic drugs shouldn’t be surprising to us as a means to evoke creativity.

Who is protecting the Internet of Things from cyberattacks? –

When we consider the threat to security when it comes to Internet connected devices the Internet of Things offers up an enormous entry opportunity for hackers to really mess with the infrastructure behind much of our now everyday technologies.

The first great works of digital literature are already being written –

Websites, blogs, twitter feeds. Could the next literary classic be composed via an existing digital platform? The likelihood is high.

High tech hiring and the malleable modern career –

The millenials do not think like those who came before. They don’t approach dating, communicating or jobhunting in the same way. Here’s some way to explaining how they do.

If all this reading has made you feel hungry (writing this often gives me the munchies) please take a peek at my overview of London’s Best Pie & Mash here.

Have a great weekend,



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