GraffitiSoup #34 – The Commute

The Commute

Trains, planes and automobiles. Trains are the topic of today. Pretty much every train that I travel on has some kind of issue, whether it’s delayed, faulty, hotter than hell or packed to the rafters so I thought I would dedicate this week’s GraffitiSoup to all things commute.

Amazon Prime Video may soon be playing on trains in India

Forget reading the Metro how about tuning into Amazon Prime as you make your way into work? Indian Railways may well have this option for their commuters in the near future.

All electric trains in the Netherlands run on windpower

In the UK extreme wind conditions could mean delays or even cancellations whereas in the Netherlands the windier the better it seems.

Hyperloop reveals how it will levitate at 760mph –

Has to be read to be believed, my guilty pleasure Elon Musk is at it again with his next innovative venture.

Inside the torture chamber where trains prove they will weather anything

To ensure that, don’t laugh, service isn’t disrupted by extreme adverse weather conditions manufacturers send their trains to this chamber of horrors to see if the carriages can withstand all that nature has to offer.

TFL has released a “walk the tube” map (may come in handy today) –

Less talking, more walking. The tube strike has forced this one upon me. Please don’t hate me.


For those that are looking for something new and exciting in a restaurant, look no further than last week’s “5 Of”.




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