5 Of – Bubbledogs Review

 Bubbledogs – https://bubbledogs.co.uk/

This week’s “5 Of” is a review of one particular restaurant, Bubbledogs.  


This special little place is on Charlotte Street close to Goodge Street Station.


Who would ever think to pair champagne and hotdogs? Well, clearly Sandia Chang and her husband James Knappett!


The Bubbledog team have cleverly sourced lesser-known champagnes and married them up with gourmet hotdogs that compliment the fun, “bubbly” atmosphere. This is clearly a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously but it is a real joy when compared against the high-end pretentious neighbours that surround it in Charlotte Street.


The list of hotdogs is enough for you to return and enjoy something new each visit, personal favourites would be the New Yorker (sauerkraut) or the Sloppy Joe (beef chilli, cheese and onions).


The side dishes are excellent. Our tater tots were short nubs of tasty potato while a small dish of fresh coleslaw was crisp, light and sweet but the buffalo tots were the real standout winner here.


Bring your friends, bring your sense of humour, don’t bring a bottle, there’s plenty.


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