GraffitiSoup #36 We will draw closer to taking our hands off the wheel


GraffitiSoup #36 We will draw closer to taking our hands off the wheel


Uber, Amazon and Tesla are all exploring ways to put the human driver out of business with innovations that could impact logistics, deliveries and the taxi industry so learning to drive could soon be a thing of the past.


Here are a selection of articles that delve into the future of driving.


In 2017 Cars Are At the Frontier of Technology –


2016 was a turning point year for cars as the technology companies have seen this as the next big playground.


Connected Cars are Hackers New Weapons – 


When your automobile is a laptop on steroids what’s stopping hackers from taking control and remotely crashing your car. I can only imagine the Stephen King story that accompanies this nightmare scenario.


Tesla Owners Now Have an Even More Obsessive Companian App –


Teslab have built a framework for what they felt the connected car should provide and it could be the beginning of a shared flatform for driving related data.


The Connected Car –


Happy Fun Corp are trying to provide real-time data analytics to Tesla drivers as part of their project around the Connected Car.


How Udacitys self-driving car students approach behavioural cloning –


Artificial intelligence that “learns” to drive a car like a human.


For those feeling peckish, last week’s “5 Of” is a review of Bubbledogs, take a read and share with those you like


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